Technical Formulations

Our Tensiofix brand of surfactants for the agrochemical industry have been used in pesticide formulations worldwide for over 60 years.

We offer:

Tensiofix is produced in highly flexible and modern facilities. Products can be supplied from lab samples up to 20 MT batches in bulk.
Quick Delivery
Most Tensiofix products can be supplied from stock, with strongly reduced lead-times.
The Tensiofix plant conforms to all environmental regulations and was awarded ISO 14001 certification in 2006.
Tensiofix has been accredited with ISO 9001 (since 1995) due to high quality and consistent performance.
The Tensiofix range consists of in-house developed emulsifiers, wetting-dispersing agents and other additives especially designed for agrochemical formulations like:

EC - Emulsifiable Concentrate

EW - Emulsion Oil in Water

FS - Suspension Concentrate for Seed Treatment

ME - Microemulsion

OD - Oil Dispersion

SC - Suspension Concentrate

SE - Suspoemulsion

SL - Soluble Concentrate

SG - Water Soluble Granule

WG - Water Dispersible Granule

WP - Wettable Powder

COC - Oil Formulation

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