We will be at the International Conference on Biobased Surfactants

July 1, 2020Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of Ghent University

The International Conference on Biobased Surfactants will be organized at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering  of Ghent University 

This faculty is a European research leader in the field of applied biological and life sciences of bio engineering.

The conference will take place from July 1 to 2, 2020 and will cover the following topics in parallel sessions:

  1. Microbial biosurfactants
  2. Plant based biosurfactants
  3. Biocatalytic production of biosurfactants
  4. Chemical production of biosurfactants
  5. Biosurfactants production from waste- and/or side streams
  6. Functional characterization of biosurfactants
  7. Process development and scale-up for biosurfactants
  8. Molecular methods to improve biosurfactant biosynthesis
  9. LCA and TEA studies on biosurfactants
  10. Industrial perspectives of biosurfactants
  11. Applied research with biosurfactants
  12. Other

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